Travel VIETNAM UPDATE (good news?) | DECEMBER 2022

29 November 2022


All right, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening anywhere in the world. Welcome back to our Global weekly update [Music]. My name is Ken Jung. So the first thing I want to talk about today is that congratulations to Vietnam and globally the air travel is back to the pre-pandemic levels. That means people are coming into Vietnam doing work, traveling in and out. Locals are also traveling to neighboring countries and also internationally to the United States to Europe and many other developed countries, which means that tourism is being stimulated. And the economy is making money switching over to franchising.

We are right here at the Highlands coffee. One of the top coffee franchises. There was a recent conference here in Ho Chi Minh city, regarding franchising, especially in food and beverages, also in education. And then also in real estate and maintenance as well. So franchising is a great way to enter the market. We also work with gs25, which is a convenience store and also a pharmacy distribution as well. So that is second area. That is very good. If you want to learn learn more about franchising in Vietnam or bringing your franchise from Vietnam abroad, then let us know.

And then of course, finally, Vietnam has always been a big exporter of food, but right in this time. The fruit from dragon fruit to mangoes to avocados Vietnam total turnover for fruits is over 5 billion dollars and its continuous expects to grow because Vietnam has great. Climates has a great soil and it’s 60 agricultural land and work. So therefore, Vietnam will continue to grow and also export globally. So those are three things that are happening here in Vietnam. Thank you very much for watching this video. But as always, make sure you like our Facebook page subscribe to our YouTube channel comment below of what else you want to hear about Vietnam and click on the bell for notifications.

So thank you very much for watching this video and I’ll. See you next week, Thank you


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