26 November 2022

6 BEST PLACES to Live in Vietnam

Are you looking for a second home, but you can’t decide whether you want to be at the beach or in the bustling City So. Today we’re going to talk to you about six cities in Vietnam that we think will be great and suitable for you as an expat living in Vietnam I’m actually right here in District 2, which is also known as huduk City. Now at the Mastery project and there are a lot of towers here. There’s a mall, there’s a movie theater. It’s actually right in the center of Ho Chi, Minh City. My name is Ken Jung, international business attorney.

That’s helped people travel live and work all over the world for over 13 years today. I want to help you decide and select between the six cities that we feel are the most appropriate suitable for you to live. But before we get started on those six cities, then I want to make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on the bell for notifications. So let’s get started . So the first city we want to highlight, and of course it is not the capital city, but it’s the economic engine, the economic capital of Vietnam, and that is Ho Chi Minh City.

It’s a population of over 30 million people. It’s bustling. There’s an inflow of about 700 000 people every single year Metropolitan. It’s International people all over the world are living here, and we’re right here in one of the more diverse projects is called the masterized touting project where you have locals. You have foreigners from all over the world, United States, Europe, and different Asian countries coming into one place. And it creates a very fun and diverse environment, but also it’s an economic engine as well. So living in Ho Chi Minh. You will experience International. Multinational corporations manufacturers large Vietnamese corporations, digital economy marketing services.

So if you are looking for a city that has all the elements of Shanghai, New, York, San, Francisco Paris, then Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a city that you want to live in. And we will give you some brief statistics of the city itself, accommodation Transportation, food, entertainment internet bus, or plane tickets. For travels health insurance will be your main costs plan a minimum budget of 700 US dollars per month. If you are young or do not, spend a lot, your expenses may be up to 1 000 per month. If you want to be able to travel enjoy The Nightlife a bit more.

Of course, if you want to eat in fancy restaurants, live in luxurious apartments and want to have your daily cocktail on one of the trendy rooftop bars of Ho, Chi, Minh City. Then you will have to spend several thousand US dollars per month. However, keep in mind that a big chunk of all expenses go to accommodation. So you, if you keep that low, you can live for even lower. For example, if you choose District 1, which is the center of the city accommodation will be from 500 to 1 000. But if you live in other districts, then it will be cheaper like in any places in the world, rentals vary from Street to Street and building to building depending on many factors to get a detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Vietnam.

Make sure to click on the right hand corner of the screen to watch our full cost of living breakdown video. The Second City I want to mention is Hanoi, which is the cultural and actual capital of Vietnam. It doesn’t have the same International benefits or the multinational corporations similar to Ho, Chi Minh City. However, many of the expats choose to live in Hanoi because it’s a cultural center. There’s amazing food as well. And also many of the positions that foreigners take are dealing with government or dealing with the non-profit sector and you have to be in Hanoi in order to be able to do your work there.

Moreover, Hanoi is close to Ha, Long, Bay, and many of the Great tourist destinations around Vietnam. And the final thing is Hanoi has all four seasons. Yeah, winter, you have summer. You have spring and Autumn, and it’s very beautiful throughout the year. That is another benefit of living in Hanoi as opposed to living in Ho Chi Minh. But of course, it’s only a two-hour flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. So you can get to either places in a very quick minute morning to evening and come right back. So Hanoi is our second option of where most of our expat clients live before I go to the next city I want to actually talk about foreign direct investment and some of the options that you may have in order to invest into Vietnam.

So if you look at the foreign direct investment from January to December of 2022, it has increased by 15.2 percent up to 17.3 billion US Dollars, and the number one investing country is Singapore, followed by Japan and South Korea. Looking at those numbers, how can you enjoy the benefits and reap the localized benefits of investing in Vietnam and achieving your goals as a foreign investor. And that’s what I’ll talk about in a little bit. How can you get localized benefits in Vietnam, such as opening a local company, opening up a local bank account being able to buy and transfer land, also possibly getting loans as well.

So that is mainly reserved for big deals orbit overseas that can get Vietnamese citizenship a passport, a family book and a national ID. So our team of experts at Young Global has helped over 200 individuals, get Vietnam citizenship. That will give you a great competitive Advantage if you can apply and you can qualify. So make sure that you contact us at Young Global to help you assess whether you can get a Vietnamese citizenship. So with that said, we’re going to jump to back to the third City that we feel will be most appropriate for expats to live talking about the third city.

That is very great to live in is in the central of Vietnam and the capital city area is way. But also that Nang is very close to hoiang and also Mison Sanctuary. Both are UNESCO Heritage sites that have great historical background and also have preserved, many of the French and other cultures, including the Portuguese geese and jam Island. So if you’re looking to live in a bustling City along the beach where you can relax and swim in the morning, but also climb the mountains in the evening and even go to Mana Hills, then Danang is definitely the city for you.

Weather is temperate and Mild with a lot of really good people to hang out with and have coffee. So if you’re looking to retire or chill or half, retire and chill living a fire lifestyle, which is financially independent retire early, then Danang is definitely the city for you. Nanang is a city that has created its own brand and identity in many areas during the past years. Many people think that that is a place worth living for because of the clean environment. Low pollution, diverse service models, Abundant, Living standards, and stable infrastructure in 2011. Nanang won the asean award for environmentally sustainable City.

Referring to Danang. There is a series series of famous tourist destinations that you cannot ignore. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit sungja Peninsula about 10 kilometers from the city center mountains with Rich ecological area about 1 500 meters from the sea level or ancient craft Villages, such as kamne, Mac, Village, Tui long. Ancient Village, Nong nuke Fine Art stone village. The fourth city I want to talk about is very near and dear to my heart because my wife is from there and that city has beautiful landscapes mountains waterfalls. Amazing flowers. And also it has great, fruit and vegetables.

So many of the companies such as Pizza four piece, buy the ingredients from this area, and that place is dalak. The lack is in the central Highlands, roughly an hour flight from Ho Chi, Minh City, and an hour and a half flight from Hanoi. It was called the miniature Paris. So in 1920, the lieutenant governor of Indochina came to Vietnam and looked for a place where they can replicate a small City, such as Provence or Bordeaux in Vietnam in order for rest and relaxation. So that’s how the lack came to be. As you can see, it didn’t even have street lights until more recently as Rolling, Hills and mountains and especially dalak Palace located on lamving Plateau dalak has long become an attractive tourist Paradise for domestic and foreign tourists.

This place is like a giant air conditioner running all year. Round with moderate Heat. The annual average temperature fluctuates around 20 degrees Celsius. So it is very suitable as a resort. So if you’re looking to really relax, enjoy tea or enjoy coffee right? Be A Creative And Then Also Be An Adventurous Person By Climbing Mountains And Waterfalls. Then The Lac Is A Great Place For You To Retire From A Business Standpoint. Maybe It Doesn’T Make As Much Sense Because There’S Not As Much Economic Activity Outside Of Tourism, But I Also Plan To Retire In The Lock As Well In The Next 10 Years.

So If You Have Any More Questions About Why The Lock Is A Great Place To Retire. Put Your Comments Below And I’Ll Be Happy To Share With You. My Plan And My Experience As Well. So That’S Why The Lack Is Number Four On Our List. The Fifth City I Want To Mention Is Also A Beach City. It Is Called In The Kanwa Province At Some Point, Was Actually Called The Pearl Of The East Due To Its Beautiful Beaches. It’S A Mild Climate. And Also It’S A Amazing People. The Seafood Is Great As Well. So Is Uh.

Roughly In Between Huay And Ho. Chi Minh City. There’S Great Seafood. There. Lifestyle Is Very Relaxed And Laid Back And Now With The Development Of Gumran Near The South, That’S Also Creating Many Opportunities For Investments, Especially In Real Estate Time Shares And Also Hospitality. So If You’Re Looking To Invest In Real Estate Or Do Business, You Can Work In Yachang And Also You Can Retire There As Well. And Of Course, Nyatang Has Two Amazing Resorts In The Kanwa. Province. One Is The Sixth Census, Ninwang Bay, And The Second One Is The Aminoy In Wooden. He, Those Are The Two Of The Top Resorts In All Of Vietnam Five Plus Star Experiences That Are In Kanwa.

And That’S The Reason Why The Developers Created Those Resorts There. So If You’Re Looking To Retire And Live, Then Yeah, Chang Is Our Fifth City. That’S Most Livable In Vietnam, The Town Counts And Expat Community Of Around 4 000 People. You Will Find All Sorts Of Nationalities, Including Americans, Australians, Canadians, Europeans, And Asians. Some Expats Own Small Businesses. Many Are Volunteering And Others Simply Enjoy Spending Their Retiring Time In A Relaxing. Street Free Environment, Vietnam’S Top Tier. Hospitals Are Also An Hour-Long Flight Away From Ho Chi Minh City, But Two Hospitals In Yajang Provide Health Care Adequate For Most Medical Conditions, Vinmec, International Hospital And Tamji Hospital.

Both Get High Marks From Nia Jang’S Expats. Most Western Medicines Are Available Over The Counter Prices For Both Medical, Care And Medications Are Considerably Lower In Vietnam. Several English-Speaking Dental Clinics Cater To An Expat Clientele Dental Care Is Also Affordable And The Quality Tends To Be As Good Or Better Than In The States. The Sixth And Final, But Definitely Not The Least City. That’S Desirable To Live In In Vietnam. It’S Only 125 Kilometers Away From Ho, Chi, Minh City, Roughly About A Two Hour Drive. Also, It Has 42 Kilometers Of Coastline Beaches For People To Enjoy The Food Is Amazing.

The Hotels Are Nice. There’S A Lot Of Different Street- Life And Nightlife As Well. I’Ve Gone There, Many Times Just For A Weekend Getaway That Makes It Very Easy To Live. Also, It Has A Petroleum Business Tourism And Also Many Of The Retail Businesses As Well. Because A Lot Of Tourists Come Every Single Weekend And That City Is Right Next. To Ho, Chi, Minh, City, And Especially With The Highway, It’S Going To Be Very Easy To Travel To. So If You Want To Live Near Ho, Chi, Minh City, But Also Be Able To Get Away On The Beach.

The Voluntau Is The City For You. A One-Bedroom Apartment Set Back From The Beach Can Cost As Little As 250 To 300 Usd Per Month And One With Spectacular Ocean Views From Around 500 Dollars Per Month. Food, Entertainment, Transport, And Utilities Are Amongst Some Of The Cheapest, Not Only In Vietnam, But In The Whole Of Southeast Asia For Many Of The Cost Of Living Is 50 To 60 Percent Cheaper Than Living In Australia. With A Long Coastline Montao Owns Many Beautiful Beaches And Creates A Tourism Source For The City. Some Famous Tourist Attractions Here Should Not Be Missed, Such As The Titgav Faknai Pagoda Statues Of Christ, White Palace, Lunsung Temple, Or Lighthouse Located On The Top Of Gnaw Mountain, Deciding Where To Live In Vietnam Is Actually A Very Difficult Choice Because From North To South, The Terrain The Culture, The People, The Lifestyle Are So Diverse, But Of Course, We Are Here To Help You Decide.

And If There Are Cities That Are Outside Of The Six That We Recommended Put It In The Comment, Maybe We Can Give You Our Feedback As Well From Our Team Of Experts And Our Resources To Help You Decide Where To Live. But As Always, Thank You Very Much For Watching This Video. It’S Extremely Fun To Make We Love Vietnam Here At Young Globe. And We Hope You Do As Well. And We Hope You Find The Place That You Will Live Work And Retire. And Hopefully We’Ll See You There As Well On Behalf Young Global. Thank You Very Much And Make Sure You Like Our Facebook Page Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel Comment Below Where You Want To Live And Click On The Bell For Notifications.

Thank You Very Much For Watching This Video And I’Ll. See You In The Next One Foreign . Let’S Get Started

Best Places to Live in Vietnam

BEST PLACES to Live in Vietnam

Having a clear idea of the best places to live in Vietnam is helpful. If you are considering moving to this country, you will probably want to find a good place to call home for the long haul. Vietnam is a country that has much to offer. Its culture, landscapes, and weather are all reasons to live here.

For example, Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi is a very exciting city to visit. Although the city is not as modern as Ho Chi Minh City, there are a lot of great things to see. The city is known for its rich culture and friendly people. It also has some excellent facilities and parks.

A large number of expats are drawn to Hanoi for its uniqueness and for its rich culture. If you are considering moving to Vietnam, you should consider this city for your new home.

Another good place to live in Vietnam is Nha Trang, which is located in Khanh Hoa province. Nha Trang is a coastal city that has a beautiful bay. It is also a popular tourist spot. The weather in Nha Trang is tropical and sunny all year long. The city is also known for its clear water and white sand beaches. The food is also a lot of fun to try. It includes seafood and jelly noodles. The local food is also cheap and tasty.

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to live in Vietnam, you may want to consider Vung Tau. This coastal city is known for its seafood markets. Most of the expats here work in the oil and petroleum industries. The city is also near major ports. It is also one of the closest coastal cities to Ho Chi Minh City.

It is also important to consider the transportation infrastructure in Vietnam. If you plan to travel in the country, you should consider taking public transport, rather than using motorbikes. Also, keep an eye out for pickpockets, especially in crowded areas. It is also a good idea to bring along rain gear.

Vietnam is also a relatively safe country to live in. While there are some social evils, most people are friendly and will help you out if they can. There are also good employment opportunities available. If you want to get a head start, it may be best to move to a large city, such as Ho Chi Minh City.

If you are looking to make the most of your life in Vietnam, you should take the time to learn about its history. This will help you feel more comfortable in your new home. You may also want to consider taking up a hobby that is related to the culture of the country. If you enjoy cooking, you might want to try your hand at Vietnamese cuisine.

You should also take advantage of Vietnam’s excellent infrastructure. The Internet is available almost anywhere, and there are phone SIM cards with 3G and 4G capabilities. While Vietnam has not yet achieved a high level of healthcare and education, it is improving slowly.


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