The Cultural Capital of Vietnam | Hoi An Old Town (MUST VISIT)

13 December 2022

Hoi An is a charming town nestled near the ocean, making it the perfect destination for travelers looking for a relaxing beach vacation. The layout of the town was modeled after other coastal trading towns in Asia and includes narrow streets, an old Japanese bridge, and plenty of authentic Vietnamese food to try. The architecture combines European styles with local influences and gives Hoi An an intriguing charm reminiscent of centuries past. Visitors to Hoi An will find that there are many interesting things to see in this seaside city including some wonderful tours available through local travel agencies.

Foreign southeast Asia experience here. I sure. Am we’re experiencing our first plot guys. So today it is much better than it has been the last couple of days where only half of the first Main Street here in hoyan is flooded. Yesterday. Uh. The first two streets of the Old Town were completely flooded, and I have no idea how the tourists who are staying in hotels on these streets were getting in and out of their hotels. But Dad. What would you say is your first impressions of hoi on so far? Oh, Very Good, Very Good. Beautiful- Friendly Food.

Excellent Restaurants. Here Are Amazing. There’S Lots Of Great Cafes. Hoyan Is One Of The Most Popular Places To Visit In Vietnam. It Is A Unesco World Heritage Site Because There Are Over 800. Historic Buildings That Are Still Standing. Hoyan Is Actually One Of The Few Cities In Vietnam That Was Never Bombed During The Vietnam War. So It Still Has A Lot Of The Original Structures That Have Been Here For A Really. So Even Though, Unfortunately, Uh, Our First Two Days, We Basically Were At The Hotel Because It Was Just Pouring Rain, Crazy Rain, But It’S Better Than Minus 40.

Right? Yes. And It Was Nice To See All The Water Too Something Different. Well, Yeah, I’Ve I’Ve Been Experiencing Torrential Rain For The Past. Uh Three Months. But For You I Guess, You’Ve Never Quite Seen Anything Like That Before. Well, Not Too Much. No, So It’S An Experience. And Uh Today Does Seem Like A Better Day. So We Are Going To Do Some Exploring Here In The Old Town. Try Some Awesome Local Food And Uh. Hopefully The Weather Stays Good For The Rest Of Our Time. Here. , Foreign , Foreign , Foreign. All Right. I Think We Picked The Best Cafe In The City.

Wouldn’T You Say You’Re Good? Oh, Thank You. Perfect. Thank You Very Much. So How Fantastic Is This. We Got Tea Cake, Vietnamese Coffee With Cheese Foam And Pink Salt. Wow, But Also With A View On The Third Story Here On The Old Town. What Do You Think? Dad Pretty Awesome. That’S It. Yeah, That’S The Whole Reaction. It’S Fantastic. Waka, Awesome, What’S The Best You Could Do? , Foreign . So As You Guys Can See, The May Street, The Main Walking Street Here In Hoi An Is Still Flooded. Even Though We Are Getting Into The Afternoon More Than Likely It Is Going To Be Like This For The Next Couple Of Days.

And Like I Said Before We’Re Not Even Here During Rainy Season. It Is Surprising That Something Like This Would Happen, But That’S Just How It Goes With Travel. Where Sometimes You Just, You Just Don’T Know What’S Going To Happen And Funny Enough. That Is Actually A Very Good Segue To The Sponsor Of Today’S Video, Which I Personally Use For My Travel Health Insurance, Which Is Passport. Card Nomads Passport. Card Nomads Is An International Health And Travel Insurance Company That Is Tailored Specifically For Nomads. Most Travel Insurance Companies Will Require You To Pay Upfront For Your Own Treatment, Which May Cost A Lot In Some Places.

And Then You Will Be Reimbursed Sometimes Weeks Or Months Later. What Makes Passport Card Nomads Different Is That They Simplify The Process Of Paying For Your Claims By Sending You A Prepaid Visa Debit Card That You Can Use To Pay Directly For Your Medical Expenses. Passport Card Nomads Also Has Plans That Go Beyond The Usual Emergency Medical Travel Insurance. They Have More Extensive Health Insurance For Nomads Who Spend More Than Half The Year Abroad And Want Coverage For Non-Urgent, Medical Treatment And Routine Checkups Passport. Card Nomads Has 24-Hour Customer Care And Is Perfect For Nomads Who Want Peace Of Mind When It Comes To Their Travel And Health Insurance.

So If You Guys Want To Learn More About Passport, Card Nomads And Sign Up For Your Own Plan, Click The Link In My Description. So For Lunch Today, We Are Going To Try A Very Local Place Called Kaolo Kong Jiang Han, If I’M Saying That Right, And They Have One Of The Most Famous Specialty Dishes That Is Served Here In Hoi On All Right, We Have Made It. And It Looks Like It’S Very Popular Over Lunch Time With The Locals. And They Have Their Main Specialties Just On This Board, Which Is The Cowl Noodle Dish, And It’S Only 35 000 Vietnamese Dong, Which Is About Like Even Less Than Two Us Dollars Per Portion.

So Obviously, The Prices Are Really Good Here And Uh, Obviously, Lots Of Other People Like It Too. Our Lunch Has Arrived, And It Looks Fantastic. So This Is Cow Law Guys. This Is A Specialty Dish That They Have Here. It’S Brown, Rice Noodles Topped With Pork, And Then Deep Fried Crispy Rice Paper, Which Is Kind Of Interesting. I’Ve Never Had That Before, And Then You Get Just Some Greens. You Can Mix It With Some Lime, Some Chilies, And Then Over Here We Have Chicken Rice, Which Is A Dish That I Haven’T Had Before Either And It Is Quite Literally, Rice With Chicken Onions Different Greens.

And Then They Also Give You A Little Bowl Of Soup When You Have It. So I Actually Don’T Know If You’Re Supposed To Mix Some Of This Into Here Or The Other Way Around, But It Is Tasty Whatever Way You Do It. All Right, So You Got A Little Bit Of The Pork And The Noodles. Oh, My God. It’S Quite Good. Very Crispy. Um I Think We Do Need To Add Like Some Sauce Onto It To Make It A Little Bit More Flavorful. But Very Good. Now The Other Thing That Hoyan Is Really Famous For Is Textiles Right, Right? We See A Whole Bunch Of Stores Here Where You Can Actually Get Custom Made Clothing.

Uh, Whether It’S Just Like Made To Measure Kind Of Stuff Or If You Have Your Own Design. The Thing To Keep In Mind Though, Is That I’Ve Heard It Takes At Least Three To Seven Days Depending On What You’Re Getting Done To Have The Piece Made. So If You’Re Only Coming Here For Like Two Three Days, Probably It’S Not Enough Time To Get Something We’Re. Not Gonna Get Anything Done Because We Have A Lot Of Clothes, But This Shirt Actually I Got For You. Um In Saigon It Was Like 15 Really Good Quality Made Here In Vietnam.

So Whether You’Re Getting Custom Made Clothes Or Just Buying Clothes That Are Made In Vietnam. It’S Actually Really Good Stuff. , Thank You . So It’S Actually At Night When Hoi On Old Town Really Starts Coming Alive. As We Saw, The First Night That We Got Here And Went To The Night Market. What Did You Think Of The Night? Market Dad? Looks Pretty Amazing. All The Lights. Yeah, Crowded. Yeah, And So Many Shops, We’Re Kind Of Still In The Clothing Um Market And The Lanterns Are Turning On. But Later Tonight, We Are Going To Go To The Food Market, Which Gets Going Around 8 P.M.

And That’S Definitely A Sight To See , Foreign , Foreign , Foreign . So For Dinner Tonight, We Are At One Of The Most Famous Restaurants In Hoi An. It’S Called Morning Glory, And I Guess His Signature. There Are Two Locations, So We’Re Gonna Try This One. And This Looks Fantastic Because We Were Able To Snag A Spot Right Here On The Rooftop. With This Amazing View Of The Old Town, Foreign . Thank You. , Foreign Guys. This Brings Us To The End Of This Epic Day Epic Video. What Did You Think Of Hoyan Pretty Awesome? Pretty Awesome.

Even With The Flooding Even With A Bit Of Chaos That We Had In This Time Here, I’M. So Glad We Took The Time To Come To Hoyan And I Would Definitely Come Back. So Let Me Know In The Comments Guys. Let Me Know If You Have Been To Hoyan. What Were Your Top Things To See And Do? And As Always I’M Sending You Lots Of Love. I Hope You’Re Having A Fantastic Day And Keep Being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful. Bye Guys. Okay, Bye Guys. Thank You.

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