Sa Pa, Vietnam Tour

24 March 2022

Sa Pa Vietnam Tour

4 to 7 days is recommended for a Sa Pa, Vietnam Tour. The train from Hanoi to Lao Cai is US$12-17 for the recommended soft sleeper. Around US$8 (180,000 Dong) for a soft seat.

Take the overnight train from Ha Noi (leaving about 10pm and arriving about 0600 hours in the morning in Lao Cai – there may be delays). Take a mini bus from Loa Cai to Sa PaThe transfer from Lao Cai is super simple. Dozens of mini buses will be waiting for the train to stop and pretty much everyone will jump on those. Fare is US$2.25 (50,000 dong) and takes almost an hour to get to Sa Pa. Do the reverse to go back (taking the bus from Sa Pa to Lao Cai, and the train from Lao Cai back to Ha Noi).

Sa Pa Scenery

Sa Pa is a much nicer and more pristine than Ha Long Bay. Rent a bike (it is mountainous around Sa Pa) and spend a few days enjoying the surrounding countryside. Fabulous scenery. I have traveled Vietnam for 20 years and Sa Pa is one of the best scenery and culture destinations in Vietnam. The local “minority people” are very friendly and are hard workers. They will do their best to sell you something, especially if you show an interest in their wares. You can travel on to Dien Bien Phu from Sa Pa, a 8-10 hour bus ride (280KM) costing about US$15 one way. You can even travel on to Laos, only 60KM from Dien Bieb Phu. In Sa Pa you can create your own adventure and get off the path. If you only take one trip to Vietnam, Sa Pa should be on your itinerary.



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