On a luxury boat cruise through Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 4K

24 January 2022

On a luxury boat cruise through Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


An hour and a half drive east of Hanoi in the Gulf of Tonkin is an absolute masterpiece of Mother Nature: Ha Long Bay. The terrain is a mysterious and breath-taking spectacle and is therefore on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Join us on a luxury ship sail! Legend has it that the famed Ha Long Bay was created when a large dragon dashed into the water and determined the landscape with its tail. Another figure for Ha Long bay is the Bay of the Descending Dragon.

More than 1,600 limestone islets rise hundreds of meters from the sea to form the mighty Ha Long Bay. In the morning we were picked up in Hanoi by a “limousine” van and we drove to Ha Long Bay.

Before we got there, we toured a ivory farm. You could see how bones are grown in the oysters. With a very large store nearby, it was of course the intention that you would buy something there.

On arrival at the harbor we transmit to another ship, which made us to the cruise boat, which resembled a traditional rubbish. After a warm reception we went to see our compartments. We had a cabin on the 2nd deck, path up front. Nice room with quite a large bathroom and also a private balcony. After lunch we proceeded kayaking.

In a beautiful inlet with huge pillars of limestone rising several hundreds of rhythms from the sea we marveled at the faces and organizes. And there was still time for a refreshing trough in the clear emerald water. Sometime before dinner we made some fresh Vietnamese spring rolls.

They were given this identify because they were originally filled with seasonal outpouring vegetables You see here we have the ingredients. Shrimp steamed with ginger.

Carrots and cucumber. Lettuce. And the basic recipe is one part of rice paper, then lemon liquor. Our guide said one piece of rice paper, but Leoni made a spring roll with two articles. Pretty hard to bite through as you can see.

Then a tea ceremony with Vietnamese Lotus Tea. So we suck tea in the morning and we imbibe tea after a dinner. So it is good for our digestion. And we imbibe tea when we meet friends. So we drink tea all day.

The favorite flavor of dark-green tea is lotus. And the tea is inside with the flower; lotus flower. This is merely fairly for one bowl. I take the inside of the sky into my hands; I take the center of the earth into my hands and push into the tea.



How is it?

I “dont like” it. We experienced the beautiful position of the put sunbathe that gradually turned the inlet pink. After dinner we started fishing for squid on the stern. Are you proud? Yes, of course I am proud.

The next morning we sailed with a smaller( era) barge. We legislated beautiful engulf limestone stones; like Ba Trai Dao( Three-peach Beach ), Hon Dua( the Stick Islet ), Buddhist Statue Stone and many more. See the float neighborhood fish raises and the countless small islands we skipper past.

At Cat Ba island we led ashore and with an electric car to the village. Walked around there a bit and savored snake wine and banana wine.

Snake wine! So, how was it? Strong liquor. You don’t savor any snake in it. At a small stream the fish came to’ devour ‘, which was very itchy!

After our return we ran kayaking again under a hollowed out rock-and-roll. Some of the locals came to try to sell cups, candy and endowments to us. After breakfast on the third day we went to the Dark and Bright Cave. Dark and Bright Cave is formed by other islands that seem to be frozen in time just enough to create this stunning plaza. Because few pilgrims come to this place, and it is only accessible by kayaking and rowboat, this lieu has become an fascinating arrange is in conformity with Ha Long Bay.

When we returned we packed our trash and were taken back to Hanoi. Next week we’ll search for Thailand’s last wilderness elephants in Khao Yai National Park. If you like this video, subscribe to our direct and keep watching the next video. Dream, explore and passage with us..


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