Hẻm Gems: In Saigon, Go Mô Rứa for a Well-Crafted Huế Culinary Feast?

16 February 2022

In the Huế dialect, mô rứa is a phrase one might encounter often in daily conversation. When a Huế resident asks “Mi đi mô rứa?” they might be wondering where you’re heading. Read More… (http://saigoneer.com/saigon-street-food-restaurants/20902-hẻm-gems-in-saigon,-go-mô-rứa-for-a-well-crafted-huế-culinary-feast)

As someone with roots in Central Vietnam, I’ve made it a personal goal to pick up as much of Huế’s lexicon as possible so I won’t feel out of place if and when I ever make a trip to discover my hometown. That goal is still unfulfilled, but the vocabulary has remained in my mind. When I first set eyes on the stylized banner at Mô Rứa, a sense of curiosity swelled in me, as well as an unexpected connection.

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