Le Duy Nhut – Vietnam Tour Guide

About Le Duy Nhut – Vietnam Tour Guide

    Mr. Nhut "Nick" Le Duy has been an English speaking guide for the past 30 years and has extensive knowledge and experience that will enable you to get the most from your visit, whether you plan to travel in Vietnam for a few days, a week, or a month.

    Vietnam's attractions include both its colorful cities and its beautiful countryside. Mr. Le Duy will tailor your tour, select your accommodations, and organize your travel so as to meet all of your requirements. You will be guided into National Parks, remote islands, forgotten battlefields, romantic waterfalls, peaceful rivers and streams, scenic beaches, and more.

    Mr. Le Duy speaks English fluently and works with other freelance guides who speak French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages. He also works with various drivers and hotels to get the right accommodations for you. If a driver and car are not desired, Mr. Le Duy will arrange any of a variety of other transports.

    Le Duy Nhut – Vietnam Tour Guide


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