Why Vietnam Is Known As A Traveler’s Paradise

by Dwight

The place is very attractive and the quality of food is very good along with mind blowing people. The cost of living is very low in Vietnam so the people can live or take a stay there for longer time. There are number of places to go and things to do in the beautiful country of Vietnam.

Events in Vietnam are very joyfully celebrated by the citizens of the country. Visit to Vietnam in vacation with family will be left incomplete if you miss out these events. The two greatest events of Vietnam are the New Year’s Eve and the event of emperor’s secret. Tet or Vietnamese New Year is the time where families reunite and celebrate together. New Year’s Eve in Vietnam is also known as Tet and it is celebrated with the families. At the time of Lunar Year in Vietnam array of ceremony and rituals are followed in the country. This major event in Vietnam is for one and for all in the country. This event help to evacuate the cultural side of the country.

During the New Year people clean all their houses and work place and go visit their ancestors to pay respect. We can see fire crackers all around the sky in New Year’s Eve in Vietnam. Most of the stores in the country will be closed during this major event and hence people need to stock up the essential things in advance for one week. Mid Autumn is also an unique festival for the kids in Vietnam. The children performances great kid’s parade in this occasion. This can be seen in the time of Vietnam Travel.

Emperors secret is yet another important event in Vietnam. There is treasure hunt function for this occasion. This hunt is performed by a team and not an individual. Hai Bat rung Day is a very special and unique event that is celebrated in Vietnam in memory of a woman who fought a rebellion for the country. A single beautiful woman by herself celebrates this occasion in the country of Vietnam and all the spectators are the respectful citizens of the country. Vietnam travel can offer you long lasting experience of a lifetime which you can never forget from your heart and your mind. These events are the best time to visit Vietnam.




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