Ways To Make Your Vietnam Travel Stress-Free And More Enjoyable

by Dwight Z.

6 Easy Ways To Make Your Vietnam Travel Less Stressful

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Traveling to Vietnam is a fascinating journey, but preparing for your big getaway could be stressful. With the amount of items you need to pack it’s an easy task to forget some things. The following post will give you some good advice to prepare for your trip, and help make it an even more enjoyable experience.

Start with making a “list”.  Things to take, things to do, things to buy, people to contact, important phone numbers, hotels, etc.  Make copies and keep an updated copy accessible online – send yourself an updated email.

Traveling to Vietnam it will be necessary to gather as much information and facts as you can beforehand. Consider investing in a Vietnam travel guide book. There is also a great deal of information and facts available for free online. You are going to particularly want to research hotels you will be staying at.  Check http://www.travelfish.org/accom/vietnam.

When planning a Vietnam trip, don’t forget about any frequent flier miles you will have racked up along the way. It will do you not good to hold on to those if you can use them to your advantage. Even if you don’t have enough miles to cover the complete airfare, many airlines will enable you to discount your rate using your miles.

When you are traveling with a toddler, planning a well-bundled handbag is the key. Load up the handbag with everything that your toddler requires. Keep in mind the comfort and the ease of use when making a list of products that will be taking on your Vietnam trip. Create a list of stuff that you use every day, like body cleanser, shampoo, lotion, combs, diapers, infant baby wipes, etc. Making a list helps reduce the risk of failing to remember to bring along something.

Vietnam Travel ClothingKeep your “ward-robe” to a minimum – 3 to 4 changes of clothes should be adequate.  Long sleeved tops and pants should be worn into all places of worship.  Unless you are of above average in western stature you should be able find anything you need in the way of clothing.    To help keep your clothing nice and clean when packing for your Vietnam travels, put your shoes inside of socks. Then place those inside plastic bags. Footwear collects smells and grime that can be passed on to regular clothing. Unless you have a formal affair to attend, limit your choice of footwear to comfortable walking/hiking shoes and sandals that protect your feet from cuts and scratches – avoid tropical infections at all costs.

Before spending several hundred extra dollars on a business or first class ticket, consider traveling by coach. Especially for short trips in Vietnam, you might find an “open-tour bus” or train as an affordable option when you consider the time needed to travel to the airport, check-in time, unexpected delays, time in luggage claim and travel to your hotel. In Vietnam “open tour buses” and trains allow you to take in 99% more scenery than an airplane, as well as supplying you with more cash in your pocket to spend – usually.  Vietnamese airlines are known to offer specials, be sure to check Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Airlines – even at the last minute.

As mentioned at the start of the article, preparing for a trip and traveling can be stressful.  Don’t lose sleep while planning your Vietnam travels and don’t lose sleep while you’re there.  Take time to relax when planning before you go to bed, read a Vietnam travel book or novel about Vietnam.  You’ll learn some interesting things that will become valuable on your trip.  Plan on arriving at you next destination early enough to find a hotel, check-in, catch a meal and relax before going to bed.  You’ll sleep better.

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