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Most foreigners need a Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirements vary depending on your citizenship. Citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa. Those countries include: some ASEAN countries, Korea, Japan & (?) Scandinavians.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry to Vietnam. Caution: If you need a US Passport renewed or if you don’t have a US Passport getting one from the US State Department will take weeks – plan accordingly.

There are two methods of getting an Vietnam Tourist Visa.

The first is obtained from the Vietnam Embassy. Instructions are easy to follow. However, you must call or email the embassy to get the current fee for a travel visa.

You can hire a visa service to get your Vietnam Visa. I don’t recommend this and it’s very easy to get your own Vietnam visa through the embassy.

You can get express service from the embassy – less than 5 days including express type document service (United States Postal Service), visa processing and return. Or regular service about 10 days. Visas for tourists are either good for one trip, or as in the language of international travelers – “single entry.” Multiple entry/exit visas are usually available only for business purposes.

NOTE: When filling out the visa application Item 10 asks for your contact in Vietnam. Use the name and address of the hotel where you will stay your first night. If you don’t have one in mind, find one on the internet in the city where you’ll enter Vietnam. Don’t worry if you don’t stay there – Vietnam travelers often change their plans.

Vietnam Visa
Vietnam Embassy Visa Services

The second is the Vietnam visa on arrival (pre-approved visa). It is gaining in popularity.  Go to my Visa on Arrival Page. The visa is physically issued on arrival at Vietnam’s international airports. A visa approval letter is obtained through a Visa Approval Service in Vietnam. You must have this Visa Approval Letter in your possession when arriving in Vietnam. Check more details about this service at –

“Your first step to Vietnam!”

IMPORTANT – When you arrive in Vietnam you will be issued a card at immigration. This is your Vietnam Travel Permit/Visa. DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD. Police can ask you for your passport and Travel Permit. (I have never been asked.) You will need both to check into a hotel. Hotels must register all guests with local government. It is customary to keep your passport and Travel Permit. Hint: Tell the hotel clerk you need your passport to go to the currency exchange or bank.

Don’t forget your passport and visa when you check out of the hotel!



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