Vietnam Travel: A Pleasant Side of the Horror Story

by Dwight Z.

Vietnam Travel: A Pleasant Side of the Horror Story

Travel to Vietnam may not sound so alluring, especially when the gruesome Vietnam War is still in-carved fresh in our mind. Yet, Vietnam has a pleasant side mostly unknown to citizens other than Vietnam. Come, let’s discover Vietnam together. A country which can more be pictured as a sweet small village full of innocent people leading their lives in a simple way- fishing, boating, walking down the forest lane in their simple slippers, with their big bamboo hats tied on their head as a weapon to fight off the torturing Sun and their little ones tied in a cotton cloth hanging on to their back, watching the world with their innocent round eyes trying to capture the beauty of nature licking their tiny fingers!

Travel Vietnam

The travel to Vietnam is a package of complete tranquility and serenity. Unlike any western city, the cities of Vietnam have the touch of peace and harmony. They are more like one big family living together. With the majestic mountains surrounding the place along with the hovering white clouds and the emerald green trees dancing to the tunes of wind, you will be caught completely off guard! The clean roads with people cycling down the pavement to reach their work stations, the teenager girls giggling down the street all engrossed in their little gossips, the elderly aunties walking down the lane slowly to reach their destinations and the old people, with wrinkled and worried faces, smoking the local cigarette butts, watching people anxiously, lost in their own worries, will suddenly make you feel absolutely gripped and connected to their total innocence!

Vietnam Travel

Vietnam travel is not just about its people. Rather the ancient monuments, the palaces and castles along with the different religion pray houses will wash off all your tensions completely. Travel to Vietnam is much more than one can express in such a small article. Travel to Vietnam can be proudly put together as a heaven on earth where innocent people reside in complete love and harmony. It’s like a big family where every one cries and rejoices at each other’s pains and happiness together. Apart from the usual monuments and food and wild life, Vietnam travel is more about its people and culture- a contagious thing bound to grip you so tight with all its charm that you will never want to tear away from it!

How to reach there?

Many online travel agencies have come up who can arrange package tour to Vietnam at heavily discount prices. The stay and food are fabulous and you never have to worry of pick and drop facility. Simply search the net to find out such travel agencies and their services. is a travel agency which is offering special packages of Vietnam Travel and tours to the tourists at competitive prices. Travel to Vietnam is the way to see its natural beauty of the various mountains, caves and rivers.

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