Vietnam Holidays Are An Experience

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Vietnam Holidays Are An Experience In Themselves As People Visits various places.

Vietnam is the easternmost country in the Indochina Peninsula in the Southeast Asia. It is bordered by china in the north, Laos in the North West, Cambodia to the south and South China Sea to the east. Vietnam is the 13th most populated country in the world. Vietnam is divided into 58 provinces. The population of Vietnam is more than 85.5 millions.

There are many places in Vietnam that can attract tourism. Travel Vietnam offers many tour packages. Indochina Tours offers both inside the country as well as cross-border packages. People can enjoy Vietnam holidays by selecting any of the packages. The package tours include tours from Ho Chin Minh city to Hanoi, Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, Central Vietman.  These opportunities to travel different parts of Vietnam by such tour packages offers different modes of transport like Air, road, Rail and Water.

Air travel to Vietnam can be done by many airlines. Vietnam operates 17 major civil airports which includes 3 international one. Tan Son Nhat which is in HoChi Minh City is the largest aiport which handles 75 percent of international passenger traffic. By 2015, Vietnam is going to have 10 more international airports.

For traveling to Vietnam, the most popular means of transportation is Roads. Public buses which are operated by private companies are the main source of long distance travel by many people. Vietnam has a very rich culture, eye catching natural scenery, beaches, amazing historical monuments, mountains, rivers and forests making for ideal Vietnam holiday.

Nowadays, Tourism is slowly increasing day by day. There are many Indochina tours agencies which operate tours to many countries in the Southeast Asia. The packages offered by different travel agencies vary. One of the Indochina Tour agencies offers five most popular packages. The number of these packages varies from 10 to 20 days. The price varies according to the package selected. The ideal time to travel Vietnam is from December to May. There are many bus and taxi services available for the Vietnam holiday.

It is advisable for international travelers not to travel by trains. To explore the country people can also enjoy cycling. It is advisable to hire an English speaking travel guide as most of the signs on the roads are written in the Vietnamese languages. The two French colonial cities are attractive while four UNESCO world heritage sites are fascinating. The places do not look like the one shown in the Vietnamese war films. Time has changed post Vietnamese war. Now one can travel to Vietnam without any fear and enjoy its scenic beauty.




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