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How to Travel Around the World for $40 Per Day

By Adam Seper | February 21st, 2011

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At the end of last summer, travel writer Rolf Potts set off on the no baggage challenge, a RTW (round the world) adventure that saw him traverse the globe with no bags. Many readers of Rolf’s challenge wondered how much money a similar trip would cost. In November, I broke down the costs of Rolf’s trip, using the same exact route he took while offering tips and ideas for those wanting to do it on a smaller, backpacker-type budget. After crunching the numbers, we found out that Rolf’s trip would have cost about $6600, or $160US/day for everything excluding airfare. The backpacking tips I offered nearly cut that total in half, to about $3600US, or $85/day, excluding airfare.

Some may see those numbers and think that’s manageable for a seven week trip around the world. Some may think setting aside that much for travel is impossible. But what if I told you that you could take an extended trip for half the backpacker cost? What if I told you that it is possible to travel around the world on $40US/day for on the ground expenses (everything excluding airfare)?

The mistake most make when dismissing the possibility of being able to go on a RTW trip is that it is simply too expensive. That is just not true. While you may not be able to travel to Western Europe or around the United States on a small budget, plenty of amazing regions around the world offer the chance to travel in relative comfort for rock bottom prices.

Many may be thinking that article only applies to college kids and dirty hippies, and sure, you’re going to have to make some comfort sacrifices here and there. But even if you’re a bit older, married, or past the shared-dorm stage, it is still possible to set off on an extended adventure and not break the bank doing it. I will break down costs for traveling through nine countries across four regions, with plenty of tips along the way, and show how anyone, with some homework and organization, can travel the world on $40 per day.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has long been a hotbed for backpackers, starting back in the 60’s and continuing on today. The low costs keep the youngsters coming back year after year, but you don’t have to be a gap year traveler to take advantage of traveling in this region.

Angkor Wat


1. Cambodia


A night in a nice, private, air-conditioned room in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap can run as little as $20 per day. If you’re a solo traveler and don’t mind staying in a dorm bed, costs can be less than half that. Too many travelers have a misconception about hostels and guesthouses. While some may be horrid, there are just as many that are charming, clean, and nearly as nice as boutique hotels. The key is to walk around and check out different accommodations instead of booking in advance.

Sometimes food is a major expense while traveling. Not in Cambodia. It’s possible, without much effort at all, to get by on $10/day for food. Street food is king in Southeast Asia, and Cambodia is no different. While you may not find as many street options as in neighboring Thailand or Vietnam, there are still plenty, and meals in restaurants, particularly if you eat local Khmer food, are only a few bucks.

Transportation costs remain low as well, and while it may not be the most comfortable taking minibuses around the country, who can argue with a few dollars for a five-hour bus ride? Visiting a famous site like Angkor Wat adds costs to the budget, but entrance fees are still only $20/day, $40 for 3, or $60 for a week. Options abound for transportation to and from Angkor, from a few dollars/day for a bicycle to $25/day for a private tuk-tuk.

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