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by Dwight

Your Vietnam Tour Guide NOTE:  Unfortunately Vietnam Railway Service is on the decline.  Carriages are in need of maintenance, food service is aimed at domestic travelers , not foreign travelers.  Most carriages do not have “western” toilets.  Most train stations in Vietnam do not have “western” toilets.  The private carriages provided on the Hanoi – Sapa route provide the best value for money for Vietnam travel – Your Vietnam Tour Guide recommends this trip.  (Back to Our Guest’s Experience)

Saturday, January 29, 2011
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Vildsak is from Sweden

vildsak' pictureOn Friday night we set off for Hoi An and made our way to Nha Trang train station. We were all excited about being on an overnight train again since the first journey was so much fun and we all felt like little kids going on a school-trip. This time, however, things turned out VERY differently. When we got to our train it was crowded by what seemed like half of the Vietnamese population and all our carriages had been taken by people trying to get a free ride. Our guide Steve ran around like a crazy person, swearing at everyone including us who all gathered in a group outside the train out of fear and confusion. Eventually the uninvited people had been thrown out (felt really sorry for them, but it wasn’t actually their carriages) and me, Sarah, Saul and David squeezed into our little carriage. The smell we were met by was absolutely revolting and things got even worse when we discovered the bugs crawling on the walls and the brown stains all over the sheets and walls. Steve told us all to hold on to our things for dear life because people would undoubtedly break into our room in the middle of the night and steal stuff, so we created an innovative trap consisting of everybody’s shoes placed in front of the door as well as my crutch placed right across the door entrance. Saul got out his Swiss knife and David slept with his brace nuckles in a tight grip. There was no question about the fact that it smelled like SHIT, literally. I realized that I had stepped in some and threw my New Look sandals away. The smell was just about bearable and we all managed to sleep a bit without being woken up by any robbers. The corridor outside our room was filled with people just sitting there and I could look at them through a ventilation in the door. It all felt a bit like what the trains in India must be like…

When we finally reached Hoi An and arrived at the hotel I made a disgusting and a bit embarrassing discovery: the poo smell came from my bag. I had wheeled it right through some shit on the train station in Nha Trang at the same time I stepped in it (it was really dark and I couldn’t see anything) so I had to spend 20 minutes washing my bag and spraying anti-bacterial spray all over it. I’m now known as poo-girl…

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