Vietnamese Cooking – The Delicacies of Hanoi

by Dwight Z.

The Delicacies of Hanoi

Vietnamese food is very different with other food in Southeast Asia. It is a blend of French, Indian, Malay food. Vietnam food incorporates the chilies of India and the banquet of France. Just recently, food from Vietnam has been voted as the world’s healthiest food. It commonly has a mix fresh vegetable, grilled meat, cold noodles and seafood dishes that contain chili and tamarind. If you are planning to visit Hanoi, it is best to get a Vietnam travel guide to show you where to find the best restaurants. The travel guide will also point you for the things to see in while you are in Hanoi.

Hanoi has a cosmopolitan and a diverse nature that is reflected in their culinary art. Almost in every part of the region serves fresh vegetables and fresh herbs as a side a dish that comes with a dipping sauce. The commonly used meat a Vietnam cuisine has are beef, pork, prawn, duck, chicken and various kinds of tropical fish. The city, being the capital of Vietnam, offers the best choices of dining possibilities just like any major city across the globe. It ranges from food courts in shopping malls to fine dining restaurants in luxury hotels. A Vietnam travel guide will give you a list of these restaurants and food courts for you not to miss anything the city has to offer.

You can start your day with a breakfast in pho stands that are found in every block of the city. Vendors will serve you white noodles in a hot and steaming meat broth. Another meal that you can order is a chau, which is mixed with meat or a fresh fish, herbs and scallions. These are also served in food stalls in Dinh Liet and Mai Hoc De. These places are known for their steaming bowls of noodles. If you are having a hard time finding the place, you may ask a Vietnam travel guide how to get to Dinh Liet and Mai Hoc De from your hotel.

At Hoa Sua, you will find a long list of buttery pastries and salads. Here you will find sweet delicacies that you can eat to fill your heart’s desire for sweets. These meals can give you a boost in energy for your tour around Hanoi. Verandah Restaurant and Bar, Au Lac, KOTO restaurant and the kangaroo café are spots where you can have a leisurely lunch after an exhausting shopping spree in the malls of the city. Another suggestion to make your stay worthwhile is by asking Vietnam travel guide what are the best restaurants situated near the malls to save you time. After the lunch, continue your shopping and search for souvenirs.

For the dinner, there are posh private hotels and clubs offering dinner specials. La-carte, a buffet restaurant, serves world-renowned cuisines that changes based on the occasion and the season. Check Vietnam travel guide if what is served in Daewoo fine dining restaurant, Press Club or Le Beaulieu of Sofitel Metropole Hotel. Simply follow this guide and have a taste of the cuisine Hanoi has to offer.

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