Kayaking Vietnam can be a one in a lifetime adventure tour. Certain places in the world are known for their kayak adventures. Halong Bay is one the best known. Halong Bay lends itself to both amateur and experienced kayakers. The waters for the most part are smooth and calm. Short explorations aimed at the amateur/tourist kayaker are available on cruises of 2 and 3 days. The more experienced kayaker can arrange to spend as much time as he or she wants on Halong Bay. Halong Bay (Cat Ba National Park) is also one the few areas that attracts camping on the part of tourists in Vietnam. Camping in Vietnam is mostly available through organized tours. These guided tours have arranged to have camp sites available on several of the islands in Halong Bay (.


Ba Be Lake is located in Ba Be National Park a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site about 250 kilometers north of Hanoi. It is the largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam. It is about 1 kilometer wide and 8 kilometers long. Surrounded by limestone cliffs and earthen hills it receives water from 3 rivers flowing into the basin. Travelers stay in Cho Ra village about 20 kilometers away. The lake is actually a wide point in a river basin. The water is slow moving, lending itself to relaxing kayak experience. Its lush rain forest surroundings are home to rare plant and animal life. The limestone mountains in the area have many caves and underground streams which give the lake quite clear water.

A kayaking Vietnam on Ba Be Lake will also include visiting local Hill Tribes. A tour can include a 3 km trip down the Nang River. This tour takes you through a 300 meter river cave and past a picturesque waterfall.



The Central Highlands of Vietnam has only recently opened up to river tourism. Shamrock Rafting Vietnam ) in Nha Trang offers white water rafting, motorcycling and fishing trips unique to the area. You can take a day river trip on the upper Cai River experiencing Class I, II and III rapids, or expeditions in the Central Highlands. Their equipment includes inflatable kayaks, motor bikes and fishing gear or a combination of all 3. They also offer bird watching tours that reveal many of the over 800 bird species indigenous to Vietnam. One of the river tours is reminiscent of the river scenes in the movie Apocalypse Now.
Resorts and hotels at any of the beaches in Vietnam are likely to have kayaks available for use on the local waters. Except for the 3 fore mentioned locales, any other time spent Kayaking Vietnam probably won’t provide more than good exercise at the beach for the average traveler.

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