Having a web page about international travel medical insurance isn’t my idea of good reading. Because you may be exposed to some unusual health hazards or engage in some risky activities, certain precautions must be taken. You’ll do your best to avoid any such problems, but “stuff” happens. I love traveling by motorbike. Truthfully, this is one of the most dangerous activities a tourist can engage in while visiting Vietnam.

Whether you want travel health insurance or not, you probably need it. There are many infections you will be exposed to in Vietnam. One of the more serious illnesses is leptospirosis – caused by exposure to mouse and rat urine. Eating raw fruits and vegetables is risky. The sanitary conditions in Vietnam are marginal at best – as are the conditions in the other 2/3 of the world. However, they are not a reason to stay home.

I know you aren’t reading this because you want to spend your time and money buying international travel medical insurance. You’re doing the responsible thing for your friends and family staying behind at home, as well as any travel companions, by letting someone else worry about it. You will also depart home knowing you’ve addressed this problem. Maybe you will be away for a few weeks or perhaps you will be traveling for an extended time. The travel health insurance company is taking care of the deductibles, emergency medical service and medical evacuation services.

Depending upon how much money you have invested in your trip, your may want to consider trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance covers your investment in airfare, tours and other prepaid items. Next to getting sick or hurt while on your trip would be getting sick or hurt after spending a lot of money, and then not being able to go at a later date because you couldn’t get your hard earned money back.

Be sure that you understand all features of any type of policy you may purchase. If anything should happen you will have taken the proper precautions to put finding solutions in the hands of experts. Enjoy your trip.

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