Halong Bay Travel Guide

by Dwight

Halong Bay Travel Guide

Its complex of caves throughout the island and mainland can also be toured. It is rumored that some jewels can be found in some of the caves if your lucky. Most of the caves have a substantial amount of limestone. Its many caves are an exciting adventure for any one traveling in Vietnam.
Although Halong bay is full of natural beauty modern accomadations are not absent. Throughout the mainland and even on a few of the Islands there are many restaurants. There is also an abundance of lodging accomations including four start hotels. Many of the hotels offer tours of the bay that be easily arranged while booking a room.

Beyond Halong Bay’s geographical and geological characteristics lies a rich culture dating back as early as 5000 BC. On a Halong Bay tour, you will see what remains of how the early Soi Nhụ culture and Cái Bèo culture lived, fishing and living isolated from mainland Vietnam. To this day, Halong Bay’s inhabitants themselves are often a topic of interest for tourists. Around 1600 people still live here, separated into four fishing villages that live life away from the turmoil of modern society.

The climate of Halong bay is diverse though its geology is by and large made of limestone. The island enjoys a rich biodiversity with flora and fauna that is native to the bay. The region also showcases prehistoric human remains as well as various ancient cultures. These include the Soi Nhu culture of 7,000 BC.

The legendary Dau Go grotto cannot be missed while on a Halong Bay tour. Located on the Driftwood Island the name derived from when the Vietnamese placed large iron stakes in the bay to repel a foreign invasion force. The resulting driftwood of the ships floated into the Dau Go Grotto. Throughout the grotto many shapes can be made out of the rock formations. An old monk holding a cane is one of the more recognizable shapes. There is also an inscription ordered by an ancient emperor praising Halong bay and its beauty.
Halong Bay is a historical and cultural sight that all world travelers should visit. It is the experience of a lifetime.




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