Gushing forth and falling over – Vietnam Travel

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Gushing forth and falling over – Vietnam Travel

But to have springs, waterfalls, mountains, plains and the sea all in one place is a package deal that is difficult to resist, and this is what Hoa Lan Spring Tourist Resort offers.

Hoa Lan Spring is located in a mountain range about 18km north of Nha Trang. It is fed by many small springs from different mountains in the range. Along the six kilometer long waterway are plenty of wild plants and orchids. The spring merges with the Nha Phu Swamp that is connected to the mountain range by a smooth land area of about 20 hectares.

It is in this area that the Hoa Lan Spring Tourist Resort stands.

For visitors, the waterfalls by themselves are worth the trip. Set amidst the wilderness are many rapids and waterfalls, each with its own shape and beauty. The tallest fall cascades from a height of 350 meters, and the highest mountain peak is double that.

Since the mountains, springs and waterfalls are located on the coast, visitors can also bathe in the sea or just listen to and watch the waves sitting under a hut.

After sunset the resort offers the entertainment of a camp fire around which visitors can gather, sing, dance, tell stories and drink ruou can (ethnic wine in jar with straws). It is a perfect way to round off the evening.

Situated on the Heo Islet, the resort can be reached in about 30 minutes by motorboat from the tourist wharf of Nha Trang Town.

Apart from its diverse terrain, the resort also hosts relics of Cham ethnic people. The rock at the foot of the spring, for instance, carries an ancient Cham inscription announcing that a Cham king once stopped here.

The resort has several other attractions including an orchid garden with many varieties from Vietnam and other countries, a section with water entertainment and sports, a 400-seat restaurant, guest houses, and an entertainment park for children.

A really special treat is to row a kayak from Hoa Lan to the Mong Mo springs and the estuary, a trip that will imprint the scenic beauty of the place forever in one’s mind.


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