Gear Up For a Vietnam Motorbike Tour

by Dwight

Gear / Equipment List for your Vietnam Motorbike Tour

vietnam motorbike tourMaking your gear/equipment list for a Vietnam Motorbike Tour requires a bit more planning than a regular Vietnam land tour.  There are certain items you will need and the amount of gear that you will be able to carry will be limited.

Consider taking your own full-face helmet.  You can probably sell it before you leave Vietnam.  Good quality helmets are hard to come by.

Have an up-to-date map of your journey.  And confirm the next leg of your journey if you’re not traveling with a guide.

Good footgear – Don’t plan on wearing sandles like the locals do – just not a good idea.  Sandles are for use around hotels if you’re a foreigner.  There are a lot of infections to be exposed to if you have an open wound or scratch.

A hand towel or “baby wipes” – chances are it will get a bit dusty or muddy.

Backpack – a regular carry-on size bag and a day back is the mximum load for a casual rider.  If you want, you could bring panniers or purchase them locally.

Bandanas  – couple for dust “masks” and wiping sweat.

Basic toiletries per your needs.

Bathing suit – zip off style pants will do.

Travel Bath Towel

Camera & battery charger with adapter plugs – In a good carrying case.

Earplugs and eyemask – sleeping accommodations may require them

Leather Gloves

Touring Suit – research the type recommended for your Vietnam motorbike tour. Plan on several layers of clothing, rather than one heavy layer.

Hat for sun and rain

Flashlight / Headlamp for guiding yourself or, maybe your motorbike.

Medications (aspirin/malox/diarrhea/ etc.)

Money belt or neck pouch to carry cash/documents

Pants, long legged (2 pairs suitable for motorbike riding, unless you have a riding suit.)

Poncho – trekker type, for riding and keeping you and your gear dry.

Warm jacket

Shirts, long-sleeved (2, including one turtleneck, if possible)

Sleep Sack /  Sleeping Bag Liner


Socks (3 pairs)

Wrap Around Sunglasses and lanyard

T-shirts (3)

Underwear (4)

Wash cloth

Zip-lock bags

Motorbike Checklist

Tool Kit

Be sure that your motorbike comes will a tool kit.  Be sure it is compatible with your mororbike.  Consider a Leatherman Tool in addition.  (These can’t be carried in carry-on bags.)

Key Mechanical Spare Parts & Lubricants

Extra bulbs, fuses, spark plugs, and oil for chain can give you that little between staying on schedule and pushing a motorbike for endless kilometers.

Check the cruising range of your motorbike.  Be sure the fuel gauge works.

Flat Tire Repair Kit

Tires are known for going flat.  Knowing how to repair a flat and having the equipment needed will keep you on the road.  A CO2 cartridge for reinflating a flat tire is plus.B

Duct / Gaffer Tape

Holds the world together.  Gravity has ceased to exist.  A small roll will go a long way on the road or off.

First Aid Kit

Do a bit of research and determine some of the health / injury hazards you may incounter.  There are pre-packed first aid kits for every need.


Strike a good balance between what you need and what you can carry.  Pack heavy gear close to the ground on the bike.

Be sure to have some healthy food – energy snacks, fruit, etc and water.  A “Camelback” type day pack might be a good idea if its a hot time of year.  100 F or 38 C are not uncommon.  Use bottled water in all cases.

Be sure everything is secure on the motorbike.

Don’t ever estimate your abilities.  Distance traveled, weather and road conditions, and traffic can effect your safety.

Remember the purpose of your Vietnam Motorbike Tour is the trip, not the destination.




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