3 Reasons You Should Consider DaNang When You Visit Vietnam.

by Dwight Z.

Did you ever consider that maybe you should consider DaNang when you visit Vietnam? That thought has occurred to many Vietnam travelers, some have even acted upon it. Most simply ponder over it briefly, then dismiss the thought, sometimes because they don’t fully understand why DaNang should be on their itinerary, other times because it’s a big unknown, still others because they don’t have time.

Well, take a break from your itinerary planning and let us explore DaNang. Listed below are 3 good reasons why you should consider DaNang when you travel Vietnam.

To start, DaNang is home one of the beautiful beaches in Vietnam. The coastline, located 6 kilometers east of the main part of town is about 30 kilometers long. The most popular is My Khe Beach about 1 kilometer long is a favorite of locals. China Beach is also located in this area – many Vietnam Veterans include China Beach in their travels. The beaches are well served by hotels catering to travelers of all kinds – backpackers to golfers.

Secondly, there are many cultural attractions close to DaNang. And you can even spend a day or two exploring the Ancient Town of HoiAn. This old seaport is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site. You can easily spend a day wandering the streets, take a river tour on the water with Captain Dan’s Boat Tour, eat at one (or more) of the excellent restaurants. You might have a couple of shirts or blouses made by one of the famous tailors in HoiAn. Or maybe even an entire wardrobe. Be sure you keep the new luggage restrictions in mind before you get too carried away.

And Third, Lastly, DaNang is well connected to other cities in Vietnam by air, train and other ground transportation. There is an international airport there which can not only connect you to other cities in Vietnam, but other countries in South-East Asia. The Vietnamese Railway will bring you from the north or the south in reasonable comfort at a good price. Open Tour buses can take you from Saigon to Hanoi for less than USD$50. The great thing about Open Tour buses is that you can stop off at places such as DaNang and get back on after enjoyed the surrounding scenery for a few days.

Again, you can’t go wrong by planning a few days in DaNang while traveling in Vietnam!

After you go through the reasons and give them some thought, I expect that you will want to include Danang in your plans when you visit Vietnam.

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