A self-guided Vietnam Tour is a traveler’s dream. Scenically and geographically, there is a great variety – misty mountains to luscious green tropical forests to sunny beaches. The diverse people have unique traditions that vary from the colorful costumes of the mountain tribes of the north to Khmer influenced people you’ll find on a Mekong Delta self-guided Vietnam tour.

Your Vietnam Tour Guide buddhisttemple.600wideBUDDHIST TEMPLE – DALAT

A family run hotel will charge as little as $10.00-$15.00 US per night for one or two guests – even in Saigon. A fantastic seafood dinner can be enjoyed in Nha Trang for $3.00-$5.00 US. A one night cruise on Halong Bay is available for $75.00. Visitors have a great vacation for their money. At these prices you can’t afford to stay home. A Vietnam tour is a great value!

Your hosts are friendly and interested in the tourists visiting their country. The weather is mostly warm and sunny, but it does have a rainy season known as the monsoon.  Be sure to check the weather in the region your are visiting on your Viet Nam Vacation because the weather varies from north to south depending on the time of year.

PLAN your Vietnam travel with an set itinerary or free style it north to south (or vice versa). Where do you want to go? What do you want to see and do? A Vietnam travel adventure can be yours!

PACK your bag with as little as possible.  People on Vietnam Travel Tours tend to load up with practical and not-so practical souvenirs.

PREPARE for a great experience. Budget Vietnam travel will provide you with a lifetime of memories of one on one encounters with friendly people, personal adventures and magnificent scenery.


The mission of YVTG is to help people plan and experience a self-guided Vietnam tour at a budget price. There is a certain segment of the the traveling public that wants to travel in the company of others – strangers or not.

If you are interested in an organized group tour or a customized tour designed to your needs and desires please click on the following link:  PRIVATE VIETNAM TOUR GUIDE


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